About Us

The Fairfield SEPTA is a group of parents, teachers, community professionals and community supporters striving to improve the education and social interactions and recreational opportunities of children with special needs. Begun in 1999, the Fairfield SEPTA grew out of a parent support group at the Early Childhood Center, with 44 members. As of 2019, SEPTA has 200+ members. SEPTA provides the parents/ guardians/ caretakers of special education students with support and resources. SEPTA, however, does not and will not provide legal advice or individual advocacy.

Our purpose is to address broader issues that impact all children with special needs in our community. Fairfield SEPTA’s overall message and approach as a PTA is to work in a positive and collaborative manner with our school system and our community.

With the support of members and volunteers, SEPTA raises funds each year to promote and create diverse recreational activities and social opportunities for children with disabilities and their families. Programs and events are structured for ALL abilities, and have included bowling, ice skating, free-form and structured art days, and an annual Halloween social event.

Fairfield SEPTA is committed to providing resources and educating parents and the community through a variety of speakers and workshops. By partnering with the Fairfield Public School system and PTAs, we support Diversity Day activities, encourage cross-school information and opportunity sharing, and offer Grants to innovative educators—teachers and therapists— recognizing and supporting outstanding practices and new ideas within the school system and across the Fairfield community.

Our mission is in line with Connecticut and National PTA missions. We “Support and speak on behalf of children and youth in the schools, in the community, and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children; To assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children; and to encourage parent and public involvement in the public schools in Fairfield.” To learn more about our Mission