Randi Tarczali Friend of SEPTA Award

Remembering Randi Tarczali, a mother and friend of SEPTA.

An important and special part of SEPTA is recognizing extraordinary members of our community. These people may be teachers, bus drivers, therapists, paraprofessionals, coaches, etc. Everyone counts and every one’s nomination is important!

SEPTA will present the FOS award at predetermined SEPTA meetings to a Fairfield community member chosen from nominations submitted by the SEPTA membership. The FOS Awards Committee will choose the award recipient and then extend an invitation to the winning nominee and her/his supervisor as appropriate, to receive this award at our next scheduled meeting.

If you are interested in joining the FOS Awards Committee, we could use your help!

Please contact us at President@FairfieldSEPTA.org

Guidelines for Nomination

  • We strongly encourage recognizing only one individual for this award. Groups will be considered under special circumstances. In addition to Fairfield public school staff, we encourage students, community members, outside service providers, etc. to be recognized for this award.
  • An individual can receive this award more than once after four years have elapsed.
  • There should be at least two nominators for an individual or team for every nomination received, especially if there is more than one person/ team nominated for that month. Those persons who nominate a team must be in full agreement of their potential nominees.
  • In order to recognize non-staff members, they have to have worked for the benefit of the Fairfield special education community and many SEPTA families.
  • In order to recognize a student, the individual nominated must have taken that extra step to treat the special needs child(ren) with respect and have included them in social or recreational activities with typical peers in the community. In this case, it would not be necessary to have three nominators.

Appreciation Award Nomination form: