Fairfield SEPTA Grant Program

2022-23 GRANTS

What are SEPTA Grants?

The purpose of the SEPTA Grant Program is to provide funding to educators to enable them to more effectively serve children who learn in diverse ways. Projects may be instructional or non-instructional, within or outside the academic setting. The Grants are awards of up to $500 to support any educator who works with students with special needs.

Who is Eligible?

Grants are open to any Fairfield SEPTA member in good standing* and works for the Fairfield Public School System (must have an @Fairfieldschools.org email).

How Do I Become a SEPTA Member?

It is EASY… click HERE to become a member today! Membership dues are $5 a year for any FPS staff (must join with your @fairfieldschools.org email). Membership runs from July 1st to June 30th annually.

How Does the Process Work?

Applications are reviewed and approved by the SEPTA Grant Committee. We are focused on projects that benefit more than one student and can have the most impact. The Grant can also be adapted/shared by another teacher or school.  APPLICATIONS WILL NOW BE ACCEPTED UNTIL DECEMBER 23, 2022

All projects must meet one or more of the following guidelines:

  • Are creative and innovative and enrich the current curriculum.
  • Have direct impact on classroom activity.
  • Could be adapted/shared by another teacher or school.
  • Promote social interaction within the school setting.
  • Improve parent communications or public relations between school and community.
  • Serve to improve the school climate.
  • Please note that first consideration will be given to applicants that directly impact students with IEPs and/or 504s.

Are There Any Exclusions?

*At this time Fairfield SEPTA is not able to award any Grant funds for individual iPads, tablets or Chromebooks.  Furniture requests are allowed however may require additional information or approval.

What’s in the Fine Print?

  • Must be a SEPTA Member in good standing (annual membership dues are paid)
  • All Grant money that is awarded will be expected to be used during in the remaining months of 2022-23 school year and that all receipts should be turned in by May 31, 2023
  • We ask that Grant recipients fill out a one page progress report (issued by the Grant Committee) at the completion of the school year. Information about your project should be shared within the Fairfield School Community and Grant recipients may be asked to attend a SEPTA meeting to introduce their project to our membership. Any and all equipment purchased with a SEPTA Grant becomes the property of the Fairfield SEPTA Inc. not the individual(s) receiving said Grant, and must display the SEPTA label (provided with the grant)

How do I apply?

You must complete all sections of the online application below.  Please ensure you have read through all the Guidelines and completed your membership before applying. Non-members will not be considered.  Incomplete or missing information can delay your request.

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (please use your @fairfieldschools.org)


    Position or Title

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    Co-Applicant Name

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    Project Title

    What is the nature of your project?

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    Project Objectives (please be specific)

    How many of those with special needs will be served by or benefit from this project?
    1-1011-2525-5050-100100+District Wide

    What is your timeline?Immediatewithin 3 MonthsAnytime

    Are there other funding sources for this project? yesno

    Has this project been approved by your administrator? yesno

    Budget requested (up to $500) please include breakdown of expenses

    Is there anything you would like to add or any special considerations?

    I Have a Question, Who Do I Contact?

    Any questions, please contact the SEPTA Grants Committee Head Chairperson, at Grants@FairfieldSEPTA.org