We are looking forward to working with parents and our new SEPTA membership this year to find fun and creative ways to engage our parents and students virtually (and we hope eventually in person).  We will share programs and ideas throughout the year!

Knowledge and Tools for Creating an Effective and Successful Caregiver Relationship
Tips from the Special Needs Caregiver Course
A special presentation at the October SEPTA meeting (October 28, 2020)
Rehab Associates team will share topline tips on what and how to prepare a new caregiver to work with special needs children.  Insights and best practices from their Special Needs Caregiver Training. See templates and handouts

Strategies for success:

  • Working with children a variety of diagnoses…
  • Asking the right questions before hiring
  • Recognizing and managing common behaviors
  • The importance of PLAY: building positive relationships, sparking imagination, and developing life skills

Presentation: To come


Interview Questions for Potential Caregivers

Template for Creating a Guide for Caregivers

The Nuts & Bolts of Your Child’s IEP (October 7 at 7 pm)

Laurie Markus, Kristin Berry, and Mary Waghorne of Advocacy for Kids, present  The Nuts & Bolts of Your Child’s IEP (plus an introduction to the new Learning Model IEP Implementation Plan). This presentation will focus on navigating your child’s IEP and identifying all the important elements to maximize your understanding of their rights. This will be a general presentation on IEP language and structure, and include explanations of new and latest guidance on implementation in the time of Covid.

Link to presentation below:

ABCs of IEP 2020

Helpful links for review before and after the session:

SEPTA: Sunset Yoga and Mindfulness

Join certified yoga instructor, Jackie Bakhash, for a seaside hour of self-indulgence in a casual, welcoming, non-competitive setting … no experience necessary.

When:  Tuesdays, September 22, Oct 6, 13, 20  @6pm 

Where:  Jennings beach (J2)

Cost: $25 (come for one or come for all 4!).
Click: Register at MembershipToolkit

You must be a member to participate (and complete purchase). Children/students aged 14 years and above are welcome. You must bring your own mat and equipment and wear a mask on arrival.


SEPTA Cooking Series

SEPTA Halloween Hijinks

SEPTA Goes Bowling

SETPA Goes Ice Skating

SEPTA Dance party

Let’s Talk: Family Communication Workshop for Special Needs Families 

Special Caregiver Course: