SEPTA Scholarship

2019-2020 SEPTA Scholarship Application Deadline is May 8

Download the Application here to begin the process

Fairfield SEPTA Scholarship Fund

Organizing Principles

1)    The SEPTA Scholarships are awarded each June to deserving Fairfield Special Education students. These students have spent all or part of their schooling in the Special Education Department. The Scholarship monies are intended to help students with the costs of higher education.

2)    Eligible students submit an application for Scholarship to the SEPTA Scholarship Committee. The committee includes members of SEPTA and representatives from the Special Education Department at each High School.

3)    The Scholarship decisions are based on objective and subjective criteria.

a)    Objective criteria include: academic performance, school activities, sports, clubs, after-school activities, jobs.
b)    Subjective criteria include: multiple essays, teacher recommendations, interviews.

4)    The SEPTA Scholarship is a one-time award. Students are monitored on an on-going basis by members of the Fairfield Special Education Department.

5)    No special consideration is given to students or their families that have any connection to the Fairfield SEPTA organization.

6)    Please see links for Student Application. Completed Applications can be turned into your Learning Center Case Manager or your School Counselor at any time prior to the deadline

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