Transition Issues & Topics

In March of 2018 Fairfield Public Schools held a parent session, “Vision of a Graduate” this series was to address the High School Graduation requirement.  Several of Fairfield SEPTA members attended and the question was raised…. What about those receiving Special Education Services?

Vision of a SPED Graduation Series was started!  We hope to have this be a place for information and topics that are relative to all things transition.  It will always be a work in progress and we welcome input, ideas and suggestions..

Fairfield Public Schools Transition Planning

Transition into the adult world can presents challenge for all young people. The process of transition may be more difficult for some youth with disabilities and will require unique strategies to enable each student to achieve the maximum possible independence in working, living and participating in the community as adults.  To learn more about Fairfield Public schools transition planning click HERE

2018/19 Transition Series

9/24/18: CPAC Transition 101

10/6/18: Life After High School

Fairfield Community Partnership Program (CPP)

The Fairfield Community Partnership Program (CPP) is a compilation of post-secondary services designed to provide a coordinated set of experiences for students identified by a Planning and Placement Team (PPT) as requiring additional support in the three key areas of Transition: Independent Living, Employment and Post-Secondary Education. To learn more:  click HERE


Post Secondary

Schools  with programs for Students with Special Needs (more info coming soon)